STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

What is STEM? What is STEAM?

STEM LogoSTEM is an acronym for the words Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. The term is primarily used to discuss education and academics, as well as the workforce. It may also be decoded as: science, technology, engineering and math.
STEAM - Science Technology Engineering ART Mathematics

STEAM is a progression of the original STEM acronym, plus one additional element: ART.  The integration of the arts into STEM learning has allowed educators to expand the benefits of hands-on education and collaboration in a variety of ways, promoting creativity and curiosity at the core.

AAUW – Where We Stand on STEM

AAUW supports promoting and strengthening science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, especially for girls and underrepresented populations.

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Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM)The Ecology Project International identified five actions that will help engage more girls in STEM.  STEM video, How to Engage More Girls in STEMView the STEM video to learn more.

    1. Celebrate Female Role Models
    2. Provide Practical Experiences
    3. Be a Mentor
    4. Show the Real-Life Connection
    5. Foster Confidence in STEM Subjects


Per AAUW research: When it comes to ‘innate’ abilities, there’s zero evidence to support the notion that boys are better at math and science. Yet these limiting stereotypes persist.

Download and read AAUW reports on STEM GAP topics:

AAUW STEM Programs and Grants

AAUW National STEM programming – STEMEd for Girls

This exciting program is created for girls in middle and high school—with a particular focus on girls of color. Whether the girls are just starting to explore an interest in science and math, or have already decided to major in STEM in college, this program will help them along the way.

STEMEd For Girls

AAUW Branch applications for Community Action Grants

Community Action Grants  support state and branch-led STEM education activities for girls in the physical sciences and engineering.

AAUW North Carolina support for STEM

Laura TewLaura Tew is the AAUW North Carolina STEM Ed Chair;

A primary goal for AAUW NC is our focus on supporting efforts that provide women and girls better opportunities for education and successful careers.

Traditionally, young girls are often advised to take less rigorous studies in high school and college. The goal of AAUW NC STEM support is to provide information and activities that combat cultural stereotypes. AAUW NC has the goal of eliminating gender bias in education and in the workplace.

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Henderson County STEM Contacts and Resources

Henderson County has a number of organizations that support STEM initiatives.  These organization provide partnership opportunities for the AAUW Hendersonville branch.  The Hendersonville has established working partnerships with them.  Click on the text links below to view more information about each organization.

Boys and Girls Club Henderson County

Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County

Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont

Hendersonville Troops: Troop 13266 (Grades 1-2), Troop 13093 (Grades 4-8), Troop 30583 (Grades 6–12)

girl scouts carolinas peaks to piedmont

Hands On! Children’s Museum

This museum provides children and families with “hands on” educational exhibits and science programs that stimulate the imagination and motivate learning in a fun, safe environment.

Hands On! Children's Museum

Henderson County Education Foundation – STEM

Henderson County Education Foundation

Henderson County Public Schools STEM Coordinator: Matthew Dellinger, contact form

Henderson County Public Schools

North Carolina and Other STEM Information Resources

NC STEM Center

NC STEM Center - Strategies That Engage Minds

North Carolina Science Leadership Association

North Carolina Science Leadership Association

North Carolina Science Teachers Association

North Carolina Science Teachers Association

Other STEM Resources

A Mighty Girl

A Mighty Girl

NASA STEM Engagement

NASA STEM Engagement