Programs for FY24

AAUW Hendersonville offers a wide variety of ways to be enlightened, engaged and empowered.AAUW Hendersonville Newsletter

See our current newsletter on our Newsletter page for more information.


Social Gatherings and Learning: There are many scheduled opportunities to focus on leadership, economic security, innovation and wellness with community leaders. Meetings are held at various Henderson County locations.  Review the Tentative FY24 Meeting Schedule.


Special Interest Groups or SIGs are a hallmark of the AAUW experience, and a unique opportunity for members to learn, share and grow. These member-driven, member-facilitated groups meet regularly to gain insight into their topics, expand their horizons and their friendships.  Read more about our Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

One and Done means you offer to do one specific thing, one time only, and you’re done! No board meetings, no committee meetings, no long-term commitment, no hassle. Just a
meaningful contribution in a limited timeframe.   Read more about the One and Done volunteer opportunities to support the Hendersonville branch.

Empowering Two-Minute Activist: Send emails and texts to your legislators to fight for equal pay, family leave, stopping sexual harassment, equality in education and more. Sign up to get regular alerts to be able to take timely action.  Read more about the Two-Minute Activist program.

STEMEd for Girls is a series of lively, informative and engaging virtual workshops that will pave the way for success as girls move through high school, into college and eventually on to their careers.  AAUW STEMEd for Girls

Visit our STEM information page with links to the STEMEd program and to learn more about STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).

Work Smart  Learn how to negotiate for a new job, raise or promotion — and gain confidence with AAUW Work Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops.

$Money Smart  The AAUW Money Smart program is aimed at providing all women with the personal finance information they need to ensure their own financial security.  Learn more about $Money Smart.

North Carolina (NC) State AAUW Programs  NC State offers webinars and zoom sessions from branches across the state as well as state leadership sessions.  Connect with AAUW North Carolina.

Join Us  Join AAUW and the Hendersonville Branch