Join – New or Lapsed Members

AAUW Join Us!Your membership makes our powerful voice even louder on critical issues affecting women and girls.  We are thrilled that you are considering joining the AAUW National, North Carolina state and Hendersonville branch to support the AAUW Mission and Goals.

How to Join AAUW – New or Lapsed Members

IMPORTANT – DUAL Memberships: Individuals wanting to join multiple states and/or branches MUST process their membership using the AAUW Community Hub application.  Read further instructions on the Dual State/Branch Membership page.  All others please review the information below.

(Note: A “new member” is someone entirely new to AAUW or an individual who rejoins after two or more years of lapsed membership.)

OPTION 1: Join by Sending Paper Form by Mail Directly to Branch. For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, the Hendersonville branch elected to primarily use a mail-in process.  Below are the steps to complete to Join.

Step 1: Complete the Hendersonville Branch New Member Form.  Access the Hendersonville Join Us Form for New Members.

Step 2: Determine your annual dues rate using the information below.

FY 2024 Membership Dues For NEW or Lapsed Members ONLY

      • Regular Members – Total $63 with Shape the Future Discount; ($99 without the discount)
        • National Dues: $72 ($36 with 50% Shape the Future Discount; $69 or $33 tax deductible)
        • North Carolina State Dues: $11
        • Hendersonville Branch Dues: $16 (tax deductible)
      • Student Members – Total $18.81
          • National Dues: $18.81 ($16.81 tax deductible)
          • NC State & Branch Dues: $0

Step 3: Prepare a Check for your dues with check payable to AAUW-Hendersonville.

Step 4:  Mail your completed New Member Form and your check to the Hendersonville Branch

Mail to: AAUW, P. O. Box 2043, Hendersonville, NC 28793

OPTION 2: Use the online AAUW National Community Hub application to join.  The Community Hub login page is:  This option will not apply the Shape the Future discount.  Refer to the Membership Dues information under Option 1 above.

How to Self-Join for New Member Prospects

Community Hub allows prospects to create an account to make donations and/or join AAUW. Follow these instructions to learn how to create an account, login to your Personal Snapshot, and manage your membership.

Questions? Email: