Dual State/Branch Membership

Dual Member Affiliations Example - woman image with US states map. Text identifying sample memberships with North Carolina, Brevard and Hendersonville Branches and South Carolina.Dual members are those who belong to more than one AAUW state and/or branch affiliate.  For example, they could be a member of multiple states or multiple ‘branch’ affiliates.  These individuals should join or self-renew using the AAUW Community Hub application so that they can process all of their memberships in a single transaction.

Payment of membership dues in the Community Hub is made via credit card or bank transaction.

Instructions are included below for New Members as well as for Existing Members using the AAUW Community Hub application.  This will allow all intended affiliate/branch memberships to be identified and joined/renewed at one time.  The Community Hub login page is: https://my.aauw.org/.

How to Self-Join for New Member Prospects

Community Hub allows prospects to create an account to make donations and/or join AAUW. Follow these instructions to learn how to create an account, login to your Personal Snapshot, and manage your membership.

How to Self-Renew for Existing Members

The Community Hub allows existing members to log in and renew their membership and donate. Follow these instructions to login to your Personal Snapshot to manage your membership.