Renew Membership – Branch or Paid Student

Membership RenewalIMPORTANT – DUAL Memberships: Individuals wanting to join multiple states and/or branches MUST process their membership using the AAUW Community Hub application.  Read further instructions on the Dual State/Branch Membership page.  All others please review the information below.

For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, existing Hendersonville Affiliate/Branch members received a renewal letter by mail.  To renew, members are expected to complete the paper renewal form with a check for dues payable to AAUW-HendersonvilleThis information should be sent to the branch by mail.  Mail to: AAUW, P. O. Box 2043, Hendersonville, NC 28793.

Membership Dues Rates:

    • Regular Members – Total $99
      • National Dues: $72 ($69 tax deductible)
      • North Carolina State Dues: $11
      • Hendersonville Branch Dues: $16 (tax deductible)
    • Student Members – Total $18.81
      • National Dues: $18.81 ($16.81 tax deductible)
      • NC State & Branch Dues: $0

Most existing AAUW members’ membership expire on June 30, 2023.  The FY24 membership renewal project began in April.  A small number of newer members have a different membership period beginning with the date that they officially joined AAUW; their annual expiration dates will vary from the legacy June timeframe.  Therefore, membership renewals will no longer be managed during a single annual renewal timeframe for all members.