AAUW Member Benefits

The AAUW National organization has posted information about benefits of AAUW membership on the AAUW website: https://aauw.org.  This content is presented below for your reference.

Member Benefits

Membership in AAUW also provides a host of perks and benefits. AAUW members:

  • Receive great discounts and special services on insurance, hotels and travel, office supplies, email services and more.
  • Stay informed and active through a host of digital resources and newsletters, including roundups of the latest news and research in gender equity, opportunities to engage in grassroots activism, and updates on AAUW membership resources.
  • Weigh in on who will lead AAUW on its board of directors and decide which public policy issues should be our highest priority.
  • Get the opportunity to participate in one of the committees and task forces that move our agenda forward. Not to mention the many opportunities to play pivotal roles at the state or branch level.