45th Anniversary Scholarship Fundraiser

Make a Difference – Invest in the Future

Our branch giving to Blue Ridge Community College has made a difference to countless lives.  Weve given over $60,000 in scholarships over the years and its time to ask for your generosity again.

What is donated annually to the BRCC Hendersonville AAUW Scholarship Fund is used for scholarships in the very next year and thus depletes the Fund. So in order to assure 202324 scholarships are possible from our branch, were launching our 45th Anniversary
Scholarship Fund raiser. Our goal is 100% member support!  J
oin the Leadership Team in celebrating our power to change lives.

To contribute

Bring your tax deductible check, payable to AAUW Hendersonville Scholarship Fund, to a meeting or mail it to AAUW, PO Box 2043, Hendersonville, NC 28793. If the donation is a pledge and/or in memory or honor of an individual, please contact Sandy Bernard at ssmreb@bellsouth.net. Your donor gift is optional. To decline it, note “no gift” in your email or on the check notation line.

AAUW $45 Advocate Donation Image


$45 Advocate: As an AAUW Advocate, you move women forward through education toward equity. Share your message with this AAUW swag bag.



AAUW $145 Trailblazer Donation Image


$145 Trailblazer: Your journey as a Trail- blazer never ends. Record your odyssey in this AAUW journal.



AAUW $245 Activist Donation Image


$245 Activist: Every activist knows that from time to time you must DISSENT.


AAUW $450 Champion Donation Image


$450 Champion: This $25 Gift certificate that supports a women-owned business is perfect for a champion of economic equity.


AAUW $945 Changemaker Donation Image


$945 Changemaker: You and a guest will enjoy our Derby Day event that makes change possible for our BRCC scholars.


AAUW $1,450 Visionary Donation Image


$1,450 Visionary: Visionaries need to refresh and renew. Do it with this oceanfront condo for 3 nights. Sleeps 6. Dates TBD.


AAUW Your Choice $ Donation Image


$ Your Choice of amount: Thank you for choosing to empower women through your contribution!