Scholarship Support

Results of the 2020 AAUW-HVL Challenge

Despite not being able to raise funds the regular way, our Branch was blessed this year by an anonymous donor offering to match membership contributions up to $2,020 in honor of this unusual year. We are excited to report that the challenge was a great success! Members contributed $3,090 by 12/15/2020 and as a result our Branch was able to send a total of $5,110 to Blue Ridge Community College Education Foundation for 2021 scholarships!

AAUW Hendersonville Scholarship Endowment

A gift to AAUW Hendersonville Branch from the estate of Helen Somerville,  Branch member, in 2018 established an endowment at Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation. Gifts in honor of or in memory of someone may be made to this fund to support scholarships by downloading, printing and completing the Donation Form and mailing to Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation at the address on the form.

Funds from this endowment are part of the Branch donations to Blue Ridge Community College for female students who are in their second year of study, meet the Branch criteria for eligibility, and plan to attend a 4 year college to complete their education.

Community Foundation of Henderson County

The Branch established an endowment in 1994 at the Community Foundation of Henderson County which may is used for scholarships at BRCC as well as other community projects.

Kathleen Ehlers Memorial Fund

Also at the Community Foundation of Henderson County is the Kathleen Ehlers Memorial Fund. It was established in 1998 with the Community Foundation by Mrs. Ehlers and supports the AAUW American Fellowships for women. Funds from this endowment support AAUW scholarships at the national level for women engaging in advanced studies. Mrs. Ehlers was an active member of local, state and national AAUW and a previous president of the local branch from 1993 to1996.

Legal Advocacy

The national AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund focuses on equity for women in higher education. The Justice Fund is a stable restricted investment which generates income and ensures LAF’s support for women facing gender discrimination on college campuses. The programs of LAF include plaintiff case support, a referral network of volunteer attorneys and social scientists, campus outreach and public relations. The Branch promotes awareness of the LAF fund and financially supports it in February of each year.