Interest Groups

Coordinator of Interest Groups: Barbara Beckerman, Chair

Art Study: Mary Beth Hayes, Cathleen Yordi, Co-chairs

2nd Wed., time and location varies.
This group studies various cultural and artistic aspects of Western North Carolina with field trips. Lunch follows.

1st Thursday Book Review: Mary Ann Bents, Chair

1st Thurs. 1:30 Meeting via Zoom or in person*
Books are selected and read by all members.
Individual members lead discussions and critique.
*Contact Mary Ann Bents if you’re uncertain whether a particular meeting will be in person or via Zoom. If in person, the location is at the Church of Christ Annex at 1975 Haywood Road (across from Pi-Squared Pizza).

4th Tuesday Book Review

Please note: This group has been combined with the book review group above.

Bridge: Zsofi Teleki, Chair

1st Friday 12:30 at Marjean Smith’s home. Tables of bridge & snacks

Dining Out: 

Until social restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic are lifted, Dining Out groups will be suspended.

Garden Study: Mary Scott & Jan Allen, Co-chairs

4th Wed. a.m. Time varies.
Field trips to study gardening and horticulture. Lunch follows.

“How-To” Group: Jody Davidson, Chair

Meets on varied dates approximately every other month to visit local and surrounding businesses, companies or factories to learn how they make their products and basically how things work. Each member is responsible for planning a visit.


*Interest groups support the mission of AAUW by providing opportunities for guided study, participation in branch programs, and fellowship. A minimum of six members may form a new interest group. Please contact the Coordinator of Interest Groups for more information. Some groups are meeting via Zoom; contact the chair for a Zoom invitation.